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who we are

Who we are

SIDE is an initiative of SocioDent (a dental startup) which aims to create a sustainable and inclusive dental ecosystem.

We know working in silos cannot bridge the existing oral health gap. But if the dental fraternity joins hands and works together as a stronger team, it isn't impossible to resolve the global oral health inequity.

SIDE initiative aims to promote the seamless sharing of resources, knowledge and skills within the dental ecosystem. By this, we can democratize dentistry and work out a chain of reactions for the greater social good.

SIDE initiative consists of 4 major components,


SIDE Explore Pursuits FAQs

Here, you will come across dental conferences, jobs (clinical and non clinical), courses, webinars, fellowships, grants, observerships, internships etc suitable for dental fraternity at different points of their careers.

Any recognized organization, academic institutions, dentists or dental hospitals can announce verified information about various opportunities for dentists.

Based on the specific eligibility of the opportunities mentioned, Dentists, Dental interns, and Dental students from across the country can apply for them.

With the help of information mentioned, dentists can directly apply to the programs and opportunities through their respective websites/email ids/contact number mentioned on the platforms.

The purpose of the program is to raise awareness about various conventional and non-conventional opportunities available for dentists. It will help them to pursue their dreams beyond their self - constructed walls.

Based on the specific opportunity announced, there may or may not a fees applicable for those participating in the opportunity. Kindly check with respective websites/email ids/contact number

The programs will mainly be categorized into clinical and non-clinical opportunities.

On a long term, we are also looking to categorize it into various other subsegments so that dentists can conveniently explore the opportunities available.