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You will volunteer with reputed organizations in the development sectors (NGOs and Social Startups), Hospital ICUS, Old age home, Palliative Care Centres, Cancer Care centres etc

Better Oral Hygiene and Care of dependent and disadvantaged individuals across the country

Any dentist who is registered with different state dental councils

Dental students/interns with appropriate letters from their dental colleges are also welcome to apply

Volunteering involves oral health promotion, education, screening and treatment of deserving individuals.

Based on the requirements of the partner organizations, volunteering can involve virtual oral health awareness campaigns to physical oral health promotion initiatives.

Volunteering opportunities can be paid or unpaid based on the specific requirement of the partner organizations. Partners can decide to pay a stipend against a specific type of volunteering requirement.

Volunteers may be charged a small fee by partner organizations. This fees can be for hosting the volunteers and providing necessary food, accommodation and local travel options.

Volunteers may be expected to book their own tickets in case of long travels

Based on the type of volunteering activity, dental volunteers may be expected to carry basic dental instruments which can be used for oral examination, atraumatic dental treatments and other general dentistry procedures (to be done under due sterilization).

In Chennai and Surroundings, SocioDent is able to provide the portable dental unit, autoclave and intra oral scanner for the volunteering activity (Provided the partner organizations or sponsors are willing to pay for the equipment rental and transportation cost). Check out the available resources here…

The perks for the volunteers are as follows,

  • Hardcore experience of the social sector and their work with deserving communities

  • Opportunity to utilize dental skills for social good and improving the oral health of masses

  • Networking with various changemakers who are creating real impact in the society

Here, you will come across dental conferences, jobs (clinical and non clinical), courses, webinars, fellowships, grants, observerships, internships etc suitable for dental fraternity at different points of their careers.

Any recognized organization, academic institutions, dentists or dental hospitals can announce verified information about various opportunities for dentists.

Based on the specific eligibility of the opportunities mentioned, Dentists, Dental interns, and Dental students from across the country can apply for them.

With the help of information mentioned, dentists can directly apply to the programs and opportunities through their respective websites/email ids/contact number mentioned on the platforms.

The purpose of the program is to raise awareness about various conventional and non-conventional opportunities available for dentists. It will help them to pursue their dreams beyond their self - constructed walls.

Based on the specific opportunity announced, there may or may not a fees applicable for those participating in the opportunity. Kindly check with respective websites/email ids/contact number

The programs will mainly be categorized into clinical and non-clinical opportunities.

On a long term, we are also looking to categorize it into various other subsegments so that dentists can conveniently explore the opportunities available.

Under this initiative, young and mid-career dentists are mentored by senior dentists, business professionals, subject matter experts and industry leaders.

Mentors are selected based on the portfolio of their academic or industry achievements

Our purpose is to create future dental leaders with a holistic outlook and broader worldview.

Apart from building and nurturing new skills, the mentoring will also be largely focus on strengthening the innate abilities of the mentees.

Our mentees are dentists, dental interns, and dental students from across the country focused on personal growth, professional progress and holistic personality development.

The mentoring program involves one to one and group sessions with industry leaders and experts.

Based on the request of the mentors and mentees, these sessions can be conducted online or offline on a mutually convenient time and interval.

Mentoring opportunities may or may not involve a fees based on the specific offering of industry experts and mentors.

Mentors may conduct no fee mentoring sessions once or twice and then continue with paid sessions for interested candidates.

Mentors and mentees are matched based on the alignment of their interests and domain preferences.

Mentees also have the option to request the mentors of their choice.

Under this initiative, dentists and dental students are provided upskilling by experienced dental specialists who have mastered the art and craft of dentistry.

We have a wide array of upskilling opportunities that can equip dentists from the basic to the most advanced skills required in the domain of dentistry.

The purpose of this upskilling initiative is to bridge the gap that is prominent in between academic training and real-world dental practice.

We are hoping to create a band of dentists who are confident about the various basic and advanced skills essential in dental practise.

Dentists, Dental interns, and Dental students from across the country who keen to learn the intricate art and craft of dentistry.

The upskilling programs involve online and offline sessions conducted by expert dentists on their core domain area.

Based on the request of the trainers and trainees, the upskilling programs can be conducted in small or large cohorts at a mutually convenient time and interval.

Upskilling opportunities may or may not involve a fees based on the specific offering of the domain experts.

Trainers may offer no fee demo sessions once or twice before continuing with paid sessions for interested participants.

The upskilling programs are categorized as flagship programs conducted by stalwart dentists (which are on high demand), newly launched programs and regular upskilling initiatives conducted by partner dentists (experts) and dental hospitals.

The Upskilling program shall also be categorized under different branches and specialities in near future.