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who we are

Who we are

SIDE is an initiative of SocioDent (a dental startup) which aims to create a sustainable and inclusive dental ecosystem.

We know working in silos cannot bridge the existing oral health gap. But if the dental fraternity joins hands and works together as a stronger team, it isn't impossible to resolve the global oral health inequity.

SIDE initiative aims to promote the seamless sharing of resources, knowledge and skills within the dental ecosystem. By this, we can democratize dentistry and work out a chain of reactions for the greater social good.

SIDE initiative consists of 4 major components,


SIDE Domain Upskilling FAQS

Under this initiative, dentists and dental students are provided upskilling by experienced dental specialists who have mastered the art and craft of dentistry.

We have a wide array of upskilling opportunities that can equip dentists from the basic to the most advanced skills required in the domain of dentistry.

The purpose of this upskilling initiative is to bridge the gap that is prominent in between academic training and real-world dental practice.

We are hoping to create a band of dentists who are confident about the various basic and advanced skills essential in dental practise.

Dentists, Dental interns, and Dental students from across the country who keen to learn the intricate art and craft of dentistry.

The upskilling programs involve online and offline sessions conducted by expert dentists on their core domain area.

Based on the request of the trainers and trainees, the upskilling programs can be conducted in small or large cohorts at a mutually convenient time and interval.

Upskilling opportunities may or may not involve a fees based on the specific offering of the domain experts.

Trainers may offer no fee demo sessions once or twice before continuing with paid sessions for interested participants.

The upskilling programs are categorized as flagship programs conducted by stalwart dentists (which are on high demand), newly launched programs and regular upskilling initiatives conducted by partner dentists (experts) and dental hospitals.

The Upskilling program shall also be categorized under different branches and specialities in near future.